Tips When Buying A Used Snowboard

Now when you’re looking at buying any snowboard, a chicks snowboard, a guys snowboard, there are a few things you need to check out.

You want to make sure the used snowboards width is right for you, the last thing you need is you’re feet hanging over and catching making you spend more time crashed out in the snow then you need to.

Next you want to make sure that you get the right style and shape of board, decide if you are looking for a freeride or Freeride and Freestyle boards, some boards cover both, but as you advance you may feel the need to specialize, so make sure you check out the shape, and get one that’s right for you.

Now in purchasing a second hand board, you want to make sure its still in good shape and is alright for you.

You need to make sure you’re Bindings will fit on the board, at a reasonable distance, and that the holes for attaching them are in the right place.

Second hand boards are just as rideable as new boards, as long as you make sure there in good condition Before you buy… so here are few things you should insist on and check out.

Make sure the edges have been freshly ground, so they are nice and sharp to keep you’re turning smooth and easy.

Tips When Buying A Used Snowboard

Look for any holes, knicks or scrapes on the bottom of the board, and ask this to be filled in and sanded down, this will also make sure you have nice rides down the mountain.Get them to give your board a wax, so that you can take to the mountain straight away if need be, most new boards come with waxed surfaces. Its probably a good idea to buy some wax, and a waxing iron for you’re board, unless you get a new model, which doesn’t require waxing… these boards are sweet, but not for everyone, and not that easy to come by second hand.

Now make sure you investigate prices, you can decide to buy you’re board and bindings separate or together, just make sure they are compatible, and things about you’re boots as well, if you buy second hand make sure you’re gear will all work together to make you’re ride Fun…

After all that’s what snowboarding’s about.