Tivoli World in Costa Del Sol, Malaga

Tivoli World is the largest amusement park on the Costa Del Sol with about 40 rides for all ages, shows/performances throughout the day varying from a mini discos and magic shows to fantastic, stunning flamenco shows and many restaurants to suit everyone’s taste. Tivoli World also has a large Theatre where Spanish Popstars/Celebrities perform frequently and past shows have included Los Lunnis (Spain equivalent to the Tweenies), Maria Isabel (previous Children’s Eurovision entry) and Andy and Lucus. If you are interested in gardening, there is one of the most beautiful, botanic gardens that has been awarded and prized on many occasions. For Jurasic Park lovers there is a reproduction of life size specimens and for train lovers one of the biggest mini train exposition of South Europe

Our Experience at Tivoli World

We had a great time at Tivoli World, our baby was about 18 months when we first went and she loved it! On entering the park, there’s the usual photo to be taken which you collect when leaving. Either a photo or a small plate for about 5 euros which I don’t think is bad value. There is a whole section of rides that are for the smaller children and we were able to go on most with our baby. Then there’s the bigger rides for the older children in another section, and then even bigger and better rides for us adults including bumper boats, dodgems and the water log. Every so often we needed a break so took a seat at one of the 3 theatres where a show was about to start. Timetables are on show stating what, when and where the shows will be. The first show we saw was a magician, then the next was the kids mini disco which is great fun for kids from about 2 years up. There was also a fabulous flamenco show. There is so much to do and see we didn’t have enough time to see and do everything.

Tivoli World in Costa Del Sol, Malaga

When is Tivoli World open?

Tivoli World is open every day in July, August and the first week of September from 6pm to 2am. 2am sounds crazy as its mainly for kids but it just wouldnt be possible in the heat, and Tivoli World does look spectacular at night.

Mid September to End of September only open at weekends from 4pm to 12am.

October open only at weekends from 12pm to 8pm.

November & December only Sundays from 1pm to 12am

How much does it cost?

To enter the park costs 4.50€ per person over 1 metre high.

Once in the park, if you are going to go on the rides you need to either buy a supertivolino, (which is a braclet), which once paid for allows you to go on most of the rides for free. Or there are Tivolinos (which is equivalent to money) 1€ each, for rides that have to be paid for separately (mainly petrol used machines) of which there are about 5.

Supertivolino cost 10€ each

Tivolinos 1 for 1€

There is a small Discount for groups and celebrations


1) If you think you will only go on a couple of rides…my advice just by a supertivolino for 10€. You could pay separately each time with the tivolinos but most rides ask for at least 2 of them (2€). People we know who paid with tivolinos each time spent alot more money than us and wished they just bought the bracelet (supertivolino). If its your first time, just buy the supertivolino first. There are kiosks all over the park if you need the tivolinos at any time.

2) If you like the rides yourself and have little ones with you…take a set of grandparents with you or someone that will not go on any rides so they can take care of the little ones. It really is a great family day out. The more the merrier!

How to get to Tivoli World

By Car

Tivoli World is situated in Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel. From the N340 take Exit 222. Follow the signs for Tivoli World. There is a large car park and you may be guided in by staff at busy time and told where to park.

By Train

RENFE Cercanías. Exit at Arroyo de la Miel. Tivoli World is about 100metres.
100mtrs to Tivoli World.

By Bus

Scheduled Service Arroyo de la Miel-Benalmádena. Tivoli World´s Exit.