To Create Life Abundance, You’ve Got To Be Here Now

Learning to “Be Here Now” is vital to Creating Life Abundance. It’s something that many of us pay very little attention to, but it’s a key factor in creating the best possible life experience. The simple reason is this:

Everything happens now.

Nothing happens in the past, and nothing happens in the future. All that actually happens, happens now. That may sound a bit odd, but consider it for a minute.

Regardless of what happened in the past, it has already happened. The past is not happening now. You can never really experience the past now. You can remember the past, and sometimes it can seem very real, especially if it was traumatic in some way… for veterans who have war flashbacks, for example. But the past never happens now; if it did, it wouldn’t be the past!

The same principle applies to the future. The future hasn’t happened yet; it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t happen now, and you can’t experience it now. You can imagine a potential future, and as with the past it can seem quite real. Our minds are very good at creating “the future”. But the future never happens now.

The only thing that actually exists is what’s happening right now. Yes, the past did exist at some point… when it was now. Yes, the future will exist at some point… when it is now. But unless it is now, the past is nothing but a memory. The future is nothing but a possibility.

To Create Life Abundance, Youve Got To Be Here Now

Neither the past nor the future actually exist.

That is, neither the past nor the future exist in “reality”. Where do they exist? In our minds – nowhere else. The thing is, we often have a tendency to live as if the past is happening now, or as if the future is happening now. It’s the nature of an unconscious mind (not the subconscious, but rather a mind whose ‘owner’ is not always consciously aware of its activities) to jump back and forth across the now, constantly.

An unconscious mind barely spends any time in the now. Instead, it jumps back to the past and brings forward old memories, or it jumps forward to any number of possible futures, and pulls them back to the now.

Consider your own mind. Being totally honest with yourself, how much time do you spend totally focused on what’s going on right now, paying no attention to what happened in the past, and giving no thought to what might happen in the future? How much are you actually “in the now”?

If you’re like most of us, you’ll probably answer “not that much”.

Try something. Shift your focus to the now – spend more time here. Be here now… it’s very simple. Besides, it’s the only point on the time line where you can actually do anything anyway. You can’t change the past; it’s already happened. And you can do nothing about the future until it becomes the now! One of the keys to effective living – to Creating Life Abundance – is learning to be here now.

Learn from the past, but be here now!

Yes, the past happened; it was “now” at one time. But with our linear concept of time, once a moment has passed that’s it. That moment will never, ever pass again. Learning from the past can be very beneficial – sometimes even essential. But our mind tends to go beyond that and drag the past into the now. When that happens, instead of learning from the past we repeat it.

So many of us want to create positive change in our lives, but we stay focused on the past. We keep repeating past behavior, or elements of it – in other words, dragging the past into the now – and then we wonder why the same “stuff” keeps happening to us.

Granted, it can be hard to let go of the past. You may have some very bad memories, perhaps traumatic ones, that you find hard to release. Or perhaps you’re at the other end of the spectrum: you have some wonderful memories of the past, but you’re not so happy with your “now”.

Either way, your mind drags the past forward where it affects your ability to be here now!

If our past was traumatic or negative in some way, our minds often run through those negative experiences repeatedly, and we tend to create and re-create our “now” based on them. Essentially, the result is that our past becomes our “now” over and over again.

If our past was great but we’re not happy with our “now” our mind tends to live in the past as much as it can, re-experiencing the events that felt so wonderful at the time. As a result we never deal with what’s happening “now”, when we could be taking action to improve it. As a result our “now” never gets better – and often gets worse – while we live in the fantasy of the past. Remember: it may have happened in the past, but if it’s not happening now it’s a fantasy. Period. It no longer exists, except in our imagination.

Envision a positive future, but be here now!

Yes, some kind of future will happen. As with the past, our linear concept of time means that we’re always moving towards the future. It’s good to have a vision of positive future events too; goals of some kind.

But as with the past, our mind tends to go too far. Instead of having a vision for the future and focusing on the now to bring it to pass, our mind will jump across a whole spectrum of different possible futures.

We wind up spending so much time imagining or worrying about possible futures (both positive and negative) that we completely forget to be here now, which is the whole key to creating the future we want. After all, now is the only place we can create what becomes our future – that’s the power of now!

Similar to being stuck in a happy past, if we’re unhappy in the now our mind might fantasize about the future. We might create a wonderful future in our imagination, filled with all the joy, abundance and love we want, or think we want… and as a result we spend most of our time there.

We neglect to be here now, which is the only place that we can actually do something to create the future we’re dreaming about! As a result, our “now” stays the same or gets worse, and we often feel even more compelled to ignore it and live in an imaginary future instead. But as with the past, if it’s not happening now it’s a fantasy, pure and simple. It doesn’t exist outside of our imagination.

What’s the solution?

Be here now!

That’s all you need to do. Forget the past – it no longer exists. Let go and move on. Never mind the future – it hasn’t happened yet. You have the power to create the future, and it all happens now. But if you’ve been stuck in the past, or the future, or both, you need to make some adjustments.