To gather or not to gather my curtains pleats?

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by Shelley

Hiya my name is Shelley,

I have two pairs of curtains hanging in my front room (both the same) the are both 90 by 90′s one pair covering the patio doors the other pair covering the window.

I love ring top curtains they seem to hang very neatly and are easy to draw. My curtains look a mess, they are lightweight shot silk with a light lining not very heavy at all, but stupid me they are headed at the top not ring top.

so I haven’t gathered them and each curtain has 12 rings on each side. I have to arrange them when they are pulled back gathering the pleats etc otherwise the look awful and when they are drawn they look like sheets at a window.

Should I gather them? I don’t want it to look old fashioned, I did consider turning them into ring top’s but don’t know how.

I was going to replace the curtains but they cost over 100 pounds and I love the material. They are also slightly too long which i think is not helping but I do not sew and am unsure how to alter them.

1. so should I turn them into ring tops?
2. should I add more rings?
3. should I gather them?

many thanks, from Shelley.

To gather or not to gather my curtains pleats?

Hi Shelley

I understand exactly what you mean with the look of your curtains. I don’t think gathering the tape is the answer. It won’t give you the look you want.

As to turning them in to “eyelet curtains” .I think this is what you meant, I think that is the best idea. The only fly in the ointment is it will cost you a bit more. Maybe 30 to 50 pounds.

you will need to find a local curtain maker to do this for you. You don’t need a high street one just someone who works from home. Just ask around or try a local search on google.

They not only could convert your curtains in to eyelet heading. They could alter the length at the same time.

The cheapest way to do this to use eyelet tape. It is sewn on The same way as standard curtain tape. Then holes are cut out and rings then pushed in.

Hope this helps you get what you want.

Best regards