To Make Your Own T-shirt

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There are some simple ways one can follow to make your own t-shirt to use for weight lifting. The three ways that i will talk about are screen printing, making it online and a simple innovative technique.

The first one, screen printing is a relatively well known method. I have personally never used it but think is an awesome way to put a message, image or clipart on fabric. In screen printing a person usually picks an image, picture, clipart or phrase and puts it on a piece of fabric such as a t-shirt using a device called a screen printer. The newly created t-shirt has the image, clipart or phrase stuck on it permanently. Therefore, screen printing allows customization of personal products. It can be done by professional screen printing services in area for a fee or some people have the expertise and tools to carry it out. One of the advantages of screen printing is that the person gets to wear a t-shirt that he or she is comfortable with.

To Make Your Own T shirt

Secondly, you can make your own t-shirt online. In websites such as www.cafepress.com and www.zazzle.com, people can pick items such as mugs, t-shirts, cards est. and customize them by choosing pictures, images, clipart and personal messages to be embedded on them. The end result is a customized item with permanent image, clipart, and or personal message. There is a fee charged and the items are sent to the owner or put in the market place for sale. The downside to these websites is that they do not work for most countries.

The third way is to make your own t-shirt using a simple innovative technique. Most people have t-shirts they do not wear a lot or that are old. It’s easy to take such t-shirts and turn them into a weight lifting t-shirt by carefully cutting the sleeves. Some people might prefer to make it a little rugged by cutting the sleeve in an irregular pattern. Whatever the case, you can turn an ordinary t-shirt into workout apparel. if you have big biceps, the result could be pleasing to your eyes.