Toddler Development and Finding the Right Developmental Toys

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Developmental toys for the five types of development.
The right developmental toys to aid physical development.

Now that your toddler is walking he loves to be on the move. This new-found skill enables toddlers to be more independent and physically active. Running, jumping and crawling, especially outside, are among his favorite activities. Gross motor skills are improved through these activities.

The following list of toys will enhance the development of gross motor skills:

• Climbing toys
• Toddler pull toys
• Toddler push toys
• Toddler riding toys
• Swings
• Slides
• Rocking toys
• Balls

Toddler Development and Finding the Right Developmental Toys

Helping your child increase his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills now will benefit him when it is time to head off to school. These skills will continue to improve through preschool and into kindergarten.

Children love playing with the following list of toys. While they play they improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination:

• Stacking toys, stacking rings, and stacking blocks
• Shape sorter
• Toddler puzzles
• Construction toys
• Wooden building blocks
• Simple arts and crafts
• Filling and dumping activities
• Pounding toys
The right developmental toys to aid emotional and social development.
Toddlers still love to play on their own or they will play along side of another child. They do not usually play together. Most toys are suitable for playing along side of another child. Just make sure there are two!! However, teaching a toddler to share is a great way to improve social skills. Dolls and stuffed toys are good for teaching feelings and empathy. Emotional development can be improved by hugging, caring for and talking to a toy as a friend. Children often use toys to comfort themselves. During Emma’s illness she carried a soft, plush elephant wherever she went.

The right developmental toys to aid language development.

Most any toy can be used to aid your toddler’s language development. All you have to do is get involved with your toddler’s play. Talk with the child about what he is doing or playing with. Ask your toddler questions. Give your child a few seconds to respond. If he does not respond then give him the answer. Just keep prompting!

Play sets that include animals and people are great for starting a conversation. Toys such as barnyards, or dollhouses can let you demonstrate what you are saying to the child such as, “the horse is in the barn.”

Reading is one of the best ways to increase language skills. Read to your child often. With older toddlers you can work with the alphabet and give an example for each letter.
The right developmental toys to aid creativity and imagination.

Open-ended play sets the stage for stimulating your toddler’s creativity and imagination. Toddlers need time to play on their own and develop their imagination. Play-theme sets, dolls, vehicles, and dress-up clothes are some of the best toys to spark creativity.

When giving your child arts and crafts make sure that sometimes it does not have to be done a certain way. While it is good to learn to follow directions this is a great outlet of using their imagination.

The right developmental toys to aid cognitive development

There is a great assortment of educational toys on the market now. These toys address the mastery of the following concepts and skills: color, size, shape, basic counting, matching, sequencing and problem solving. I recommend the following toys for increasing these skills:

• Stacking rings
• Shape sorters
• Toddler jigsaw puzzles
• Stacking blocks
• Building blocks

If you are on a tight budget there are many household items that can be used in place of these toys. Make sure all items are safe and do not cause a hazard to your child. For example, have you child sort household objects by color, shape, or size.