Toddler Stories. Current Topic- Childhood Illnesses

This page is dedicated to telling toddler stories that parents have experienced with their toddlers. I will be adding articles relating to events in my children’s lives. This page is meant to be a place for parents to share and learn from other parents. If you have a story relating to the current topic, we would all love to hear from you!

Emma, the “youngest” of the triplets, has always been full of character and energy! She loves to smile and make people laugh. It seemed so gradual, but soon Emma was no longer the bubbly, energetic toddler (17 months at the time) she had always been. For months, I took her to the doctor, informing them that Emma was not acting like herself. She spent most of her day sitting on someone’s lap. When she got down, she would walk a few steps and then throw herself to the ground. She then proceeded to bang her head on the floor with full force. The doctor dismissed it as toddler tantrums. I disagreed. I tried bypassing the doctor by taking her to the emergency room. This did not get me very far either. Soon she was not able to walk at all. If you set her down, she would fall over. She was no longer talking either. Again, I took her to the doctor. This time we saw another doctor in the office. He somewhat dismissed the idea that there was a problem but decided he needed to have her sent for a CT Scan. It was set-up for the following morning. I did not know what to expect. I certainly did not expect what was about to happen the next day!

Toddler Stories. Current Topic  Childhood Illnesses

We arrived at the hospital for the scan the next morning. As soon as they had completed the exam, they asked us to immediately return to our referring doctor’s office. My heart began to sink, I knew this could not be a good sign. Upon returning to the office we were greeted at the door and escorted back to a private room. The look on the faces of the staff was enough to reassure my fears. The doctor told us that Emma had a tumor in the back of her head. He then proceeded to tell us that they had referred us to a much larger hospital 4 hours away and they were awaiting our arrival. I just remember sitting there in complete shock. I looked down at my daughter who was clinging to me as she had been for months. There was no time to dwell on the idea before they rushed us out the door and on our way to the hospital. Walking out of the office, I suddenly was overcome with emotion and began to collapse with my daughter in my arms. In that moment, I felt so helpless and alone. My sister took Emma so that I could regain my composure and focus on taking care of my precious girl. Once we arrived at the hospital, we were checked in and greeted by a neurosurgeon. They checked her over and said that she was not in immediate danger. They would wait until morning so that the head doctor could be in charge of the surgery. After the longest night of my life, they informed me that they were going to perform an MRI and then decide what needed to be done. During the MRI, I received a call telling me that Emma required immediate surgery. She did great through the surgery with only minor complications.

After the surgery, she was placed in the ICU due to the necessity of a breathing tube. The next day the tube was removed. I will never forget that moment. All I had wanted for months was just to hear her say Mama again. The minute the tube was out of her throat she raised her arms to me and hoarsely said “Mama, hold me.” In that moment, I knew she was going to be okay. A day after she left the ICU she was RUNNING through the hospital halls. The doctors and nurses were all in amazement by how she was recovering. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a miracle. There had been many prayers said for my amazing little girl. God showered us with his mercy and love. We still had some bumps in the road to overcome and many visits to the doctor, but Emma is again a bubbly, happy toddler. God’s plan does not always make since to us or seem fair. My family has surely had many trials in our lives. The only way I make it through is by placing my trust in God. I know that whatever the outcome and however painful the situation, that God still cares. Childhood illnesses are never easy but he will help you through!