Toilet Bowl Drinking Water

We often think of quality dog foods, and vitamins for our dog’s health, even to the point of painstakingly looking at contents and analysis of these products. And if you truly love your dog, no amount of money is too much to make sure that they have the best of nutritional products.

You may take your dog to a vet for regularly scheduled check-ups. And you take care with preventive measures against fleas and ticks. All of that is as it should be. But what about their drinking water?

If you are truly a dog lover, you may be propping the lid open to provide quick accessible drinking water (This may be a little difficult for a puppy)?

Ah…the delicious toilet bowl! Easily accessible, sparkly, provides cool and refreshing water at all times, and is virtually hassle-free! To top that off, it is self-serve!

Toilet Bowl Drinking Water

Although the toilet bowl seems like a convenient way to constantly supply your dog with fresh water, it is far better to stay away and opt for other methods. Let’s find out why.

Bacteria and dog health …

The toilet is a breeding ground for bacteria, and a common party hangout for all fungi. Every time you let Fido stick his head in there, you increase the chances of him getting a dog illness. Not only that, but it won’t help his breath either. Now you’re probably thinking, “Ah ha! A clean toilet bowl makes a happy and healthy dog!” which moves us onto the next topic.

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents such as Vim, or any other disinfectant, cleaner, or detergent can also have adverse effects on your dog’s health. Simply enough, any combination of chemicals that were designed to remove build-up, kill viruses and bacteria, and provide a lustrous shine to a piece of ceramic, should be kept away from being consumed by any animal or human being.

The Backlog

As gross as it sounds, sometimes toilets do get plugged partially or fully and reject refuse such as feces or wet toilet paper back into the bowl. To complement that, dogs usually love the taste of fees, which also welcome the possibility of parasites and diseases, a few more things to worry about. Rejected toilet paper can get lodged in the teeth or throat of dogs and can further lead to choking.

Make sure you have a readily accessible supply of water available for your dog at all times, especially if you are away at work for extended periods of time. There are two easy ways to accomplish this. One is simply a bowl of some kind filled with clean drinking water. The second is a little fancier. It essentially is an inverted bottle with a dispensing system that continuously provides water to your dog as he drinks it. These units can be found in the sections of stores catering to dogs.

Both are relatively inexpensive…but water is every bit as important to your dogs health and nutrition as food. A mere loss of 10% of a dogs’ water volume can result in serious illness. Don’t forget this important essential in their lives whether they spend most of their time indoors or out!