Top 10 Guitar Supplies Every Player Needs

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Hey! Guitar player! You need stuff! Guitar supplies, you know? You may have most (or all) of these already, but let’s be thorough about this…

Supplies listed in approximate order of importance.

1.)  A guitar. Obviously the most important part of the equation.

2.)  Strings. Once you find a brand you really like, which most players eventually do, I suggest buying a box of ten sets or so. That way you’ll always have some on hand.

3.) A Tuner: because being in tune is maybe something you should consider… just a thought.

4.) Plectra: or, picks to the common person. For lead work I’ve recently converted to the little red jazz picks that say ‘Eric Johnson’ on them, though the name doesn’t really matter; you can find generic types as well. After using these for a short time regular picks seem huge and awkward, whereas these just feel like an extension of my fingers.

5.) A capo: because not everyone has the range of Freddie Mercury, having one of these will let you easily change keys and adapt the song to your voice. Make sure yours is sturdy and protects your fretboard and neck.

Top 10 Guitar Supplies Every Player Needs

6.)  GHS FastFret or a similar product. It’s cheap (under six bucks last time I checked), lasts forever, cuts down the string’s friction with your fingers, and really extends the life of your strings as well if used every time you play. Look, it’s like a massage for your fingerboard. Do I need to say anything else about it?

7.)  Wire cutters/string winder: indispensable tools for changing strings. Look for the string winder with built-in cutters.

8.) Screwdrivers: especially important if you ever need to adjust the bridge or mess with the electronics on an electric guitar. This gets you behind those pesky panels. I’m sure you have some of these already, but if not…

9.)  Allen wrenches: these are very useful for adjusting the pickups on electrics, among other things. Your electric probably came with one or two, but if you lost them, broke them, dog ate them, etc., pick up a spare when you get the chance. Typically available through the manufacturer for a few bucks, but if not you can get by with a variety pack available at most hardware stores. I don’t consider myself much of a tweaker (I like to get a setup and stick with it), but I’ve used these more than a few times.

10.)  Polish/polishing cloth: because every guitar deserves a little attention now and then. Let that beautiful finish show through. As for the polishing cloth, I suggest the microfiber type. For light jobs you may be able to skip the polish altogether.