Top Places In Puerto Rico – Boqueron Town

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Take your pick… or pick them all! A forest. A night in town. A lighthouse. A picturesque county inn. Go surfing in one beach, and bathe in another. Choose your favorite water sport and just steps away the equipment will be available and ready to go. Venture into a mangrove boardwalk and who knows what you’ll find.

What are you looking for? Just look out at the ocean during certain periods of the year and you may behold a humpback whale as it curls its huge, elegant body on the surface of the water. All year long you can enjoy some of the most stunning sunsets anywhere on the Island.

But if it’s a little nightlife you’re looking for, Boquerón town will satisfy your nighttime fancy. In addition to several annual festivals, the town has countless bars and music clubs. Outdoor concerts are a local specialty.

Although it’s far from the capital’s hustle and bustle, Boquerón has no reason to envy San Juan. Several large nearby towns, including the biggest in the western region, as well as a handful of popular campuses, help infuse the beach town with some of the most exciting nightlife for miles around. The unique combination of beautiful, sandy beaches and a vibrant music scene, makes Boquerón a favorite for people all over the Island.

Top Places In Puerto Rico   Boqueron Town

Travel to nearby Punta Jaguey, where the landmark Spanish-colonial style architecture of the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse shines and glitters through the fogs of history. The structure itself features a low-lying, pale-sided exterior and a powerful lamp on a squat, hexagonal tower perched atop a high cliff, providing nearly 300-degree views of the Caribbean Sea.

How to Get There?

From San Juan take Road 52 towards Ponce, which will connect you to Road 2 towards Mayagüez. Take the exit onto Road 100, then take Road 101 into Boquerón.