Top Puerto Rico Places – Visit Luquillo Kiosks

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First of all, they’re legendary. These dozens upon dozens of kiosks aligned next to each other attract huge crowds during the afternoon and the evening. Music thunders from nearly every one of them. Cold beer, beverages and deep-fried local cuisine are the order of the day, every day.

You can walk along the entire strip and simply let your impulses choose the right one for you.

Behind them you will find the Luquillo Beach Bathing Park, where the water is warm and as flat as a pancake.

The great attraction of the kiosks owes both to their environment and the variety of the foods you can eat. Whether you visit only one, or walk into as many as your feet will allow, it’s up to you. But you can be assured that the Luquillo Kiosks always serve up fun, culinary delights and the hustle and bustle of an energetic, dynamic crowd.

Top Puerto Rico Places   Visit Luquillo Kiosks

How to Get There

From San Juan take Road 26, which will automatically take you to Road 3. Follow Road 3 into the town of Luquillo.