Topaz Jewelry

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To be given a gift of Topaz Jewelry on your birthday is traditional as this lovely gem is the birthstone for the month of november.

Topaz Gemstones were believed by the Romans to improve the eyesight and the ancient Greeks would look closely for the stone changing colour to warn them if their food or drink had been poisoned.

The Blue variety is also the anniversary stone for the fourth year of marrige.

Topaz Gemstones come in many colours from yellow to yellow brown and orange brown to a light red, blue and even colourless.

More expensive and rare varieties include light green, pink and a pink to red colour.

Topaz is a durable stone that is reasonably hard and quite resistant to scratching.

Because the stone rarely possesses full bodied colour very often you will find the gem in the step cut, Topaz does however have very high brilliance so weaker coloured or colourless gems are very often faceted using the brilliant cut to bring them to life and provide a more cost effective alternative to the diamond.

Topaz Jewelry


Topaz Gemstones are very often found in larger sizes and because of it’s high specific gravity it will more than likely weigh more than other types of stones of the same size, therefore if it is a bigger stone that you are looking for, this will be reflected in the pricing.

Although a hard stone and quite difficult to scratch the Topaz does have one weakness, if it was to recieve impact in the wrong place it’s perfect cleavage could divide the stone so do be careful.

A good practice is to avoid exposing the gem to constant exposure to day light as some of the irradiated yellow brown stones have been known to fade in sunlight.

You can expect a natural pink stone to carry a price premium but please do be aware of any Topaz that carries the names of Madeira, Spanish, Rio, Caribbean, Bohemian, Nevada or Palmeira Topaz as you will find that these will more likely than not be various types of Quartz and not what you are looking for at all.

Please do enjoy Topaz Jewelry it is beautiful and when purchasing dont be afraid to ask questions, a good reputable source of purchase will always be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.