In “Topical Quilt Books” I will be reviewing books that cover a single topic. These topics include applique, Hawaiian, landscape and log cabin quilts. These topical quilt books usually have less pages and are less expensive than your general quilt books. I will list these books first by topic, then alphabetically by title.


Basic Quilt Techniques for Hand Applique
Mimi Dietrich

This book on applique has good step by step instructions. It covers different ways to hand applique. There are a number of small projects such as, pillows, table runners,and wall hangings, you can make to practice what you learned.

Making Animal Quilts: Patterns & Projects
Willow Ann Soltow


“Have you ever had difficulty following directions? Well, welcome to Making Animal Quilts! Here you will constantly be encouraged NOT to follow directions.” (Quote from the book) The book has twenty basic projects with up to five variation for each project. You can follow the basic directions in each project, combine the different projects, or use the patterns and ideas to come up with your own unique project. Over half the book are very easy and basic templates. The author also gives you ideas of where to find other templates, such as cookie cutters. You will need to check the book yourself for her other great ideas. A good book for all levels of quilters. The templates and basic ideas are great for the beginning applique quilter and the encouragement for creativity makes the book prefect for the more advanced applique quilter.

Reverse Applique With No Brakez
Jan Mullen

“Reverse applique consist of layering two or more fabrics, then cutting through the top fabrics to reveal the hidden layers underneath. The cut edges are then held down with stitches.(Quote from the book) Some of the topics covered are: working with multiple layers, piecing layers, log cabin style, strips, squares, etc. It covers both machine and hand applique. The book included a few projects to make.


Wildflowers: Designs for Applique and Quilting
Carol Armstrong

This book shows you easy techniques for hand applique of 24 beautiful wildflower quilts. The author doesn’t use templates or freezer paper, but utilizes a light box instead. She teaches you how to use a light box for applique. Some of the wildflowers included are: Bleeding Heart, California Poppy, Buttercup, Lily and Violet.

Landscape Quilts

Landscape Quilts
Nancy Zieman & Natalie Sewell

This book is about how to take a picture and make it into a quilt. It shows you how to use photographs or pictures for inspiration. It also covers how to use fabrics to turn your picture into a quilt. It shows you how to make different landscapes such as flowers, woodland and fences.


Lighthouses of New England
Connie Rand

This book consist of two quilts. The main quilt has a Mariner’s Compass block in the center with New England lighthouse applique blocks surrounding it. The blocks are squares, rectangles and triangles. The quilt size is 64 inches by 92 inches. The second quilt is a wall hanging of Maine’s Eagle Island Lighthouse.


Luminous Landscapes
Gloria Loughman

This topical quilt book takes you step by step on how to make a landscape quilt. It covers such things as designs, color and the techniques of landscape quilting. This book is for machine, not hand quilters. Looking at the book makes me wish I was a machine quilter

Hawaiian Quilts

Hawaiian Quilting
Elizabeth Root

This book has instructions and full patterns for 20 Hawaiian quilt blocks. The first few pages covers the basics of Hawaiian quilting. The book has good step by step illustrations of how to cut and baste your flower design. The remainder of the book has the patterns for twenty traditional Hawaiian designs. These designs can be uses individually to make a pillow, or joined together to make a quilt


Hawaiian Quilting Made Easy
Milly Singletary

This topical quilt book covers the basics of Hawaiian quilting, such as, choosing the design, and folding & cutting the pattern you will be making. There are a few projects in the book. These include a potholder, pillow, and quilts. This is one of the books that is part of my quilt library. The book is good, but I prefer Hawaiian Quilting by Elizabeth Root

Traditional Block

In Love with Log Cabins
Quilting Made Easy Series

The first ten pages of the book covers the basics of any type of quilting. The book then gives the basics of how to make a log cabin quilt. In the remainder of the book are variations of the log cabin block. A few of the quilts include, the pineapple block, two house quilts, a pictorial quilt called “Purple Mountain Majesties”, and a log cabin star quilt. The quilts are very easy to make. The second quilt I made was from this book.

Time for a Chain: The Irish Chain Updated
Nancy J. Smith & Lynda S. Milligan

This book starts with the basics of an Irish Chain quilt. There are three Irish Chain patterns each consisting of two blocks. There is the single, double, and triple Irish Chain. The beginning of the book takes you through deciding on the pattern, the quilt size, and the block size. It then helps build the blocks using strips sets. The last of the basic instructions addresses assembling the blocks and adding the border. The remaining part of the book has specific instructions for each Irish Chain pattern. The book also included coloring worksheets and paste up blocks for each chain.

I hope these reviews of topical quilt books has been helpful.