Torcal National Park Antequera, Andalucia, Spain

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The extraordinary Torcal National Park in Antequera is not strictly a park in our sense of the word (manicured lawns and an abundance of trees ) …no, this particular Park looks more like the surface of the moon with huge limestone rock formations perilously balancing one on top of the other … it is more like a huge museum of natural stone sculptures.

There are, however, hundreds of different types of plants and the park is an officially protected area for birds which live here year round or for the thousands of migratory birds which use this fascinating park as a resting place on their journey to Africa in the spring and summer. So … a great area for bird-watchers, but a great area also for walkers. There are three suggested walking routes, all well sign-posted, and with varying degrees of difficulty.

You’re welcome to bring a picnic … so, after your walk, enjoy a break before carrying on to … … the Wolf Park (Parque de los Lobos) which is nearby … a wonderful opportunity to view the dozens of wolves, who live here in generous enclosures, similar to their own environment with ample space to play and hunt.
Torcal National Park Antequera, Andalucia, Spain
All the wolves were raised from pups and bottle-fed which explains the lack of shyness around their human visitors. The wolves are socialized but not domesticated so there is no interference with the natural order of the pack and they live naturally as they would in their own habitat.

The younger visitors are not forgotten either … there is a petting zoo where the kids have the chance to feed some of the little chicks, ducks and piglets.

Plus, if you wish to explore Wolf Park or the Torcal on horseback, you can hire a purebred Andalusian horse. There are horses for absolute beginners or for the experienced rider. There is a small charge here at the Wolf Park … no charge at the Torcal.