“Touching the lives of others” by Wendy Huffman

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I have to tell you a candle story about my mother, Gladys Lake from Columbia Tennessee. When I joined Candlewealth, I also bought her a kit so she could have fun too. She is 78, has arthritic hands and can’t knit, sew or paint anymore, and her hearing loss had caused her to become somewhat reclusive since my father’s passing.

I thought she would enjoy it, and she did! She put her creative energy to work and made beautiful candles and gave them away as gifts. Oh, boy! Everything’s a container when you make your own candles!

Pretty soon she was starting to think about who she could share it with. As she was sitting in church one Sunday, she felt the Lord prompt her to befriend a very heavy-set woman that always sat alone and kept to herself in the front row.

It turns out this woman, Pat, loved candles, and they got together and mom taught her how to make Soy candles. It blossomed into a wonderful friendship, and they became best friends. They went to lunch often, started swimming together, played card games and sometimes made Soy candles. Pat’s health improved as well as her battle with depression.

Touching the lives of others by Wendy Huffman

Pat died tragically within a few short years of finding their friendship. Her family “adopted” my mom, and said that she had changed Pat’s life and had made her last years the happiest she’d been in a long time. They insisted that she ride in the family limosine during the funeral, and Mom noted that Pat would have loved knowing how many people came to pay their respects. Pat’s sons are Fireman and Policemen in Tennesee, and they had street after street blocked off with uniforms standing at attention as the hearse drove by.

I love telling this story for so many reasons; it’s a story about two women who were feeling they didn’t have anything to offer anyone – brought together by a candle. Sharing candle-making turned into bringing light into each others lives – an avenue of friendship that changed my Mom’s life, changed Pat’s life, and touched the lives of so many people that knew her.

And it has touched so many people that I’ve told, I promised I would put it up here on the site.

My mom’s given up candle making due to health reasons. But she hasn’t stopped sharing her light, and is back to reaching out to others at 79. May we all remember that each day is a gift – and sharing our light is the gift we give others.

Thanks Mom – for being such a bright light in my life!