Travel Survival Tips for Everyday Preparedness

Whenever you’re on the go, you should be prepared to deal with travel survival issues. It may be your morning commute, or your weekend sailing trip, but either way having a survival kit on board is important.

Go here for a basic survival checklist. Use the specific pages (listed below) to find detailed information for the various methods of travel. We currently only discuss the major forms of transportation, but may cover more ground down the road.

For car and roadside emergency preparation you should have a survival kit in the trunk (or behind the seat in a truck). It’s just like carrying a spare tire, but has more versatility. Even simple items like bottled water and a travel urinal come in handy when stuck in gridlock.

Airplane disasters are a little different. We discuss the items you should have after surviving a plane crash. If you’re a pilot you run through a preflight checklist before taking off. You know how important air safety is. But do you carry a simple survival kit for emergencies?

Boating accidents are an entirely different situation. Beyond life jackets, other supplies and basic survival tips may be what it takes to get you back to shore.

Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime. Some survival planning can put you in the driver’s seat for any situation.

Travel Survival Tips for Everyday Preparedness