Travelers Insurance Introduction

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Travelers insurance is always tricky thing, as from one side it increases travel expenses and who wants that. From other side it gives protection and worry free feeling.

Do I already have it?

It is very important to answer this question before you purchase insurance. As probably in some kind of insurance, you already are covered. I don’t know so much about life and health insurance, but I can suggest to take the following into account when you make decisions about travelers insurance.

The one insurance that you already might have is insurance provided by your credit card company. When you get credit card sometimes you also receive travel insurance in the package. If you travel alone, then in most cases you will not need some more protection, only keep in mind that your travel must be purchased with the credit card, which provides insurance. With this insurance you might have a problem if you are travelling with friend or family, as this protection goes only for credit card holder. Anyway, I strongly recommend checking this with your credit card provider and getting it on paper. In addition, note that credit card insurance never will be as flexible and protective as dedicated travel insurance, as it is just as some add-on to different products – credit card.

Travelers Insurance Introduction

If you don’t have it!

Then I suggest purchasing separate travelers insurance, as you definitely need some in order to be safe from any unpredictable situations. If you are travelling with family or friends, then it is very important to have insurance for everyone.

When you will arrive in insurance web site, firstly you will need to provide information about total travel costs, departure and return date and ages of all travelers. Regarding the costs, I suggest to include all costs where you would like to be covered. For example, if you will provide flight, hotel, but did not provide car rental expenses, then most likely you will not be covered if something will happen while you drive rental car.

Next, you will see two insurance plans – freestyle and freestyle luxe. Of course, the last one is more expensive, but it also offers a bit more. In both columns, you will see each option with question marks and explanations, so I will not repeat it. Below the purchase icon, you can find terms & conditions.

As a conclusion to this travelers insurance introduction I can say that only you can decide whether the risks covered by insurance are important to you or not.