Treasure hunt game kids party

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Treasure hunt game kids party is a game that takes a little preparation and planning but the end result is a rewarding experience for the organizer (you) and huge fun for the kids. The game can include clues, cryptic directions(older children) or just plain straight forward go out and find it fun!

Outdoor party games for kids have to include this treasure hunt game. The children love it and it is amusing to the adults to watch their young ones looking eagerly to find the hidden surprises.

Treasure hunt games are so much fun!

Find enough gifts or treats to hide so that each child can find one.

Where the gifts are hidden should depend on the age of the children. Smaller children cannot see that high up! Treasure hunt game kids party game should include all party kids so that none feel left out. As each child finds a hidden treasure, they should return to ‘home’ and let the others continue finding theirs. Sometimes the older and more resourceful ones can assist those that are struggling.

Treasure hunt game kids party

This outdoor game can be made more interesting by giving each child a clue to find their specific gift.

Another variation on this treasure hunt game is to hide a gift that is suitable for a group of children and then provide a series of clues so that they work together on finding the gift. When it is found it is shared between all the team members.