Tricks for coming up with our own creative quilting ideas

Nine patch quilting is a very common template followed by many designers. Learn its secrets and how you can use it as a basis for your own quick creative quilting ideas.

If you look through a number of books, magazines and websites showing quilting designs you will notice many use the nine patch template. Or a variation of it.

Not sure what I’m talking about? That’s okay. I’ll explain it more simply and show you what I mean.

Most quilting designs are constructed in blocks. When you add nine of these blocks together, with or without borders, you have a nine patch quilt. Depending on how big the quilting blocks were you now have a queen’s size, single bed or cot sized quilt.

The hundreds of quilting block designs are made of different combinations of squares, rectangles and triangles. There’s nothing hard about that. So you too can start coming up with some quick creative quilting ideas.

If you can’t think of any new quilting block designs that’s okay because how you combine them and the fabrics and colors you   use are just as important, and easy to do.

Have a look at some different block designs and then get out some graph paper and a ruler. Start with a square and then just play around with dividing it up into different sized rectangles and triangles.

Here are a few different ideas to get you started.

Look at some of the similarities in these blocks. They are divided up into four or nine squares and then divided up further for the individual patterns.

Can you see this?

All right, pick a number. Four or nine?

Divide your square up.

You’re half way there.

Tricks for coming up with our own creative quilting ideas

Now divide each square up into smaller squares, rectangles or triangles. Make each square symmetrical or different. It’s up to you.

Do this a few times. It’s so quick and easy, why not?

Great work.

Now sneak into the kid’s room and borrow their colored pencils. Or get them to help.

Choose three or four colors, try for a dark, medium and light. Start coloring in. Have some fun. Be creative.

Once you’ve run out of paper and the pencils are small stubs have a look at all your new quilting blocks.

You’re a genius.

There’s still a couple more steps to finish off your quilting idea.

Nothing too hard.

We’re back to choosing between one of two options. Are you going to use the same block nine times or choose nine different blocks, as with a sampler?

This is exciting stuff. Don’t you agree? And so easy.   And you never thought of yourself as a designer. Look at all these creative quilting ideas you’ve come up with already.

You like this nine patch quilting process now, don’t you?

Well done. You should be feeling proud of yourself.

Paper piece quilting for how to put it all together

Then don’t forget to check the quilting accessory list so you have everything you need before you get started.

Good job. Happy Quilting.