Turquoise Jewelry Ancient and Blue

Turquoise Jewelry has been with us for many many years the Venetian merchants being responsible for bringing Turquoise to Europe, but the Native Indians of north america have been adorning themselves with it for generation upon generation.

The very best and most expensive Turquoise has a deep blue colour this is dependant on the impurities in the gemstone, copper being responsible for blue and iron turning the stone green so the more green that you see, the less the value of the gem.

Indian people like the Hopi believe that the stone protects them from illness and from possible danger by the gemstone changing in colour, the wearer is also believed to be protected from evil or impure thoughts.

Some of the best specimens in the world are found at the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona.

Turquoise Jewelry Ancient and Blue

Turquoise is not as hard as most other gemstones and will scratch much easier, one positive with this is that you can have certain stones engraved if this is your wish.

These gemstones also weigh less than most others so wearing an item of Jewelry with a larger stone wouldnt burden you too much.

Because the stone is more porous than most others you will find some specimens have been impregnated with wax to stabilise and toughen its surface to stop it from crumbling apart as well as keeping its colour but these should be cheaper to purchase.

Many imitations have been put on the high street including glass and enamel so be aware and stay with a respected jeweller, I once read an article from a relative of a miner who spent years excavating these gems who stated that if you kiss a genuine stone it will feel as if it holds to your lips.

Just dont let the shop manager see you kissing his entire stock.