Types of media for multimedia production

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Media Types
There are many types of media to choose from today for multimedia production. The choice of media you decide to use relies on the type of project, the objective or goal of the project, and who your audience is going to be. In some cases, you might want to use more than one type of media for you project. We will help you decide which media is right for your multimedia production and answer any questions you might have about the differences of the mediums.

Digital Versatile Disc, generally known as DVD’s may be used for an array of media – from data storage, video, multimedia presentations or a combination thereof. DVD holds 4.37Mb of video – enough for a full 90 minutes of quality video productions. DL, or Dual Layer DVD’s are now available on the market which doubles the data space.
Although VHS will still be with us for some time in the future (there are still millions of VHS recorders out there!), DVD will, or is fast becoming the accepted standard. Unfortunately though, when DVD hit the market, there was no laid down standard for manufacturers of DVD players, which resulted in limitations of playback of some DVD players. Fortunately this is mostly the case with older player models on the market. If you are in the market for a new DVD player, make sure about its playback capabilities of various formats: it should at least be able to play back DVD, VCD, SVCD and CD (in both MP3 and WAV audio)
DVD Video can be played back on a PC, if DVD software is installed. Many faster PC’s are able to play back DVD through Windows Mediaplayer.

Types of media for multimedia production
Compact Discs, known as CD’s by everyone, may also be used for video in another format (Mpeg), and can be played back on almost any PC. Mpeg quality, though, is much lower than DVD because of higher compression.
VHS needs no introduction – we are all familiar with it and its limitations! Still, it is a format that will be around for quite some time because of the millions of VCR’s out there! It’s still widely used for recordings but is fast taking a back seat compared to DVD.
Super Video Compact Disc, or SVCD holds approximately 30 minutes of good quality video – better than VHS or Mpeg, but far from DVD! The same goes for Video Compact Disc, or VCD. These two formats are maybe not as popular as expected and are not widely used.