Unforgettable Proposals Engagement Ideas

Elvis Elvis

Susan could not believe her luck. She and Jason had started dating a few weeks after a mutual friend had introduced them to each other. He was handsome, warm, playful, friendly and yet possessed an innovative and ambitious spirit that pushed after the best life offered.

She snapped back to reality when the misty white foam of the warm blue Caribbean waters gently caressed her feet on the pristine shimmery white beach. Jason had flown her out to the Bahamas for a special weekend retreat.

Turning slightly to the left, she saw Jason gliding towards her with two coconut shells decorated with party umbrellas, lime wedges and straws with a twinkle in his eyes and a mischievous grin on his face. What is he up to now?

As he sat beside her and handed her drink, he softly kissed her on the lip. When he moved his face from hers, she was startled to see two native musicians with guitars in their hands. As the softly began playing a tune she was sure she’d recognized, Jason knelt in the soft sand with the orange setting sun behind him and said, “Susan, will you be mine forever?”.

Unforgettable Proposals Engagement Ideas

Fairy Tale?

Yeah, I know, It does sound like a romantic fairy tale, but I’m sure it has been done before. So maybe you don’t have the money to take a weekend Bahamas vacation for your proposal, you still could be creative, original, and romantic and produce your own unforgettable proposal. All you need is a little help to jumpstart you creativity.

Here You Go!

The reason I set this page up is to help you with engagement ideas, resources and advice to not only make you proposals unforgettable, but also to open this new world of engagement and marriage up to you; to help you from this time forth to make you entire relationship an unforgettable romantic experience.

Check out the links and resources below and good luck as you journey toward a lifetime of unending marital ecstasy.