Upholstered Wadding for Pelmets

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by Pat

I am in the process of purchasing wadding for an upholstered 4mm plywood pelmet. Please could you advise me as to what thickness of wadding I should buy?

Upholstered Wadding for Pelmets

Hi Pat

Wadding is usually sold by the weight. For example 4oz 8oz 16oz. I tend to go for the 8oz wadding I find it just about right to give that soft effect without being to chunky.

Also I noticed you are using 4mm plywood. I use 6mm plywood as I find it works better especially when stapling the fabric on to the board. I use 6mm staples I find this holds every thing in place securely.

These are just my preferences so you do what you want and play around with different ideas until you end up with what suits you.

Best Regards