USA Cuisine – Key Lime Pie Recipe

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Difficulty rating: Moderate

Serves: 6-8

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15 graham crackers, crushed
2 tbsp granulated sugar
¼ lb butter
Yolk of 4 large eggs
14 oz tin of condensed milk
Juice of 12 key limes
2 tsp lime rind
250ml whipping cream

USA Cuisine   Key Lime Pie Recipe

Combine the crackers, butter and sugar together and press into a 9” pie dish. Bake in a moderate oven (180C) for 12 min until golden. Meanwhile beat the egg yolks until they lighten in colour and thicken. Add the condensed milk and ½ lime juice, and whisk until combined. Next add the remaining lime juice and the lime rind, whisk again until fully combined (not long). Pour into the pie shell, and bake at 180C for 12 min. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Whisk up the whipping cream until soft peaks. Cover the lime pie with the cream and serve.