Useful Tips to Successful Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming – why bother? Well, are you forever trying to get rid of doggie smells? Does your dog look and smell ….. well ……. awful?!

To be fair, we all have those “off” days! – but, in your dog’s case, she is completely dependent on you to keep her clean, healthy and smelling wonderful.

Let our short and to the point guide to dog grooming make your dog one happy healthy hound!

As usual, we’ve done all the research for you and presented you with all the information you need to keep your dog looking and feeling great!

You get to benefit from years and years of our first hand experience. We’re in the process of sourcing the best dog grooming deals available for you to benefit from – where we will be able to provide you directly with the very latest in innovative, quality products and services at the most competitive price. We’re taking our time with this process because only the best will do! Do keep checking back for more details.

Dog grooming is an important part of your dog’s health program. It is also an important time for you and your dog to bond. Not only does grooming ensure your dog is clean and odour free – so much the better to hug! – but it helps you notice any health issues early on – and in some cases, prevents them from happening in the first place.

If you are a new dog owner, you are probably wondering when you should start grooming your dog. Well it never is to early to start – and we’ll discuss that in our page on grooming your puppy or new dog .

Useful Tips to Successful Dog Grooming

You’re probably wondering how often you should groom your dog. This largely depends on the type of dog your have, ie: is she long or short haired? Is she a little piggy (like my dog, Holly!) who finds the nearest patch of mud every single time? Is she an outdoor or indoor dog, and most importantly of all, what lifestyle does your dog lead?

You may find your dog only needs a bath two to three times a year providing she is brushed three or four times a week – besides keeping her looking and smelling good, brushing is also so good for your dog’s skin. She may need her face, eyes and teeth cleaned at least every other day and her nails will need clipping when you start to hear that tell-tale click, click, click on your kitchen floor.

You probably are also wondering who is going to groom your dog. Well, once again, it largely depends on the kind of dog your have. If her coat doesn’t require regular clipping, you can, with the right instructions, do a perfectly good job yourself. If, however, your dog is not the cooperative sort and it all becomes rather stressful, you may find a professional groomer is the best option, and we will show you what to look for in a good groomer.

There are also a dizzying array of brushes, combs, slickers and “things” which you can buy when thinking of dog grooming. We discuss these in our page about Tools and Supplies. Here you will find a wealth of information on not only brushes, combs and rakes, but also shampoos and conditioners, finishing sprays and doggy deodorants, nail trimmers, grooming gloves and more!

You could easily spend a fortune on all of the above and find you don’t need most of it! Grab yourself your favourite drink, put your feet up and browse through these pages for some good solid information on dog grooming – knowledge which we have gained through years of caring for these charming furry family members.

Dog grooming can become a relaxing and integral part of your everyday life – your dog will love the attention! Besides having a wealth of positive health benefits, it will also define his status in the family structure – and you will have a happy, healthy, well adjusted dog – what more could you possible ask for?!