Using Abundance Affirmations to Claim what is Rightfully Yours

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Using abundance affirmations will really reward your life, when you’re ready to let the Law of Abundance do its part in your life, but the right mindset to prepare yourself is critical.

The Law of Abundance is the law of plenty and to make sure that you have it in your power to use this law and make it work, affirmations are a great starting point.

What are affirmations?
Affirmations are basically statements. But unlike ordinary statements, affirmations contain carefully chosen words that hold the power to harness your mind’s limitless capacity to bring abundance in to your life. Affirmations not only assure you, they also bring you peace and healing and open the doors of endless opportunity if you know how to use them. They are words of power and must be used with care, respect and faith.

Are abundance affirmations like a mantra?
Mantras are made of words that are said repeatedly, but the similarity stops there. Unlike mantras, abundance affirmations do not need to be chanted and they do not require you to use them only during times of meditation to achieve spiritual peace.

Using Abundance Affirmations to Claim what is Rightfully Yours

They are a tool to be used repeatedly to remind yourself of what your purpose is – to achieve abundance. Unlike mantras, abundance affirmations are not just limited to a spiritual search; they are also meant to be practiced and to manifest themselves as real, physical entities in your life.

How to make your abundance affirmations
Affirmations that claim abundance into your life must be stated correctly. Remember that affirmations are your way of staking claim. If you ask someone for something, wouldn’t you want your question to be stated correctly and accurately, based on your exact wants and desires?

When creating your affirmations, remember to use only positive words. Avoid words that connote negativity or untruths. Their purpose may be good but their very nature goes against the Law of Abundance.

No one else can stake your claim for you and create positive changes in your life. Your positive self-talk must include you, as the active participant, and what you are willing to do, think and say to make your dreams a reality.

Repeat your affirmations several times everyday, during your waking hours and just before you fall asleep. Your subconscious waits for you to use it, so use it well. Plant seeds of ideas filled with abundance. Furthermore, live your affirmations. Follow what you state and you’ll see the results begin to appear.

Speaking as an authority
No one else has the power to create outcomes and positives from what you think and say to yourself. So speak up, and say the words with authority. You are making a statement and your heart and mind should believe this statement to be true, that it will happen, that you deserve it. At first, your own thoughts will distract and oppose you, but let these thoughts go. By sticking to your abundance affirmations, you uphold their value and choose them as the only truth in your life.

Here are some useful affirmations to help you create your own:

I have everything I need.
I enthusiastically welcome and accept limitless abundance.
Opportunities for financial success overflow today.
I am aligned with the Universe’s riches.
My dreams are attainable.
My life is an abundant reflection of my mind’s thoughts.