Using Law of Attraction

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When using law of attraction you’ll find that Universe present you opportunities in ways you never had imagined

It’s a common misunderstanding when it comes to using law of attraction that all it takes is to think. To live your  life you need to take action, too! Grab the chance when it is presented to you.

Often, we don’t grab the chance because it’s not how we expected to get what we wanted. We have an already perceived idea of how to get what we ask for. But sometimes gifts arrive in disguise. Or simply arrive a way very different of what we had imagined. The Universe loves to surprise us, so be prepared!

Here’s a wonderful anecdote that illustrates this:

A sailor got into a storm, his boat was wrecked and he clings onto the mast and prays to God for help. As a strong believer he is confident that God will save him.

After a while a cruise ship arrives. The captain sees him and shouts to the sailor not to worry anymore, they will rescue him.

“No, thanks, God will help me!” the sailor answers.

Then a fishing boat comes by and the fisherman throws out a rope and tells the sailor to climb into the boat.

“No, thanks, God will help me!” the sailor answers again.

The fishing boat sails away, but shortly after a canoe gets to the poor sailor. The guy in the canoe makes room for the sailor and tells him to climb in.

“No, thanks, God will help me!” the sailor answers for a third time.

Well, the sailor eventually dies and gets to Heaven. There he meets God.

“I had such a great faith in you, but still you didn’t rescue me when I shipwrecked!” he says to God.

“I tried to”, God answers. “First I sent a cruise ship, then a fishing boat and finally a canoe!”

Universe is on your side

You have saved up for that little black dress and have a clear picture of what it will look like.

You’re going to a party tomorrow night and have decided long ago that you’ll wear your new dress. You know exactly in which shops to search.

Then, walking out of your apartment, you bump into your twenty years older, twenty kilos heavier neighbour. Telling her about the dress you want, she exclaims that she has the perfect dress for you hanging in her closet and she’ll give it to you.

You polity decline, maybe even with a little laughter – thinking to yourself that there’s no way she has your dress in her cupboard, besides, you can’t just accept a dress as a gift from her!

And what happens? You raid the shops, not finding anything. You visit every shop you can think of, but finally give up.

Coming home, you find the most fabulous dress hanging on your door. It is perfect!

See, the Universe wanted you to have this dress! Universe usually is on your side – all you need is to be open to the opportunities presented to you!

Using law of attraction means thrusting Universe.

Using Law of Attraction

A little help from a friend..

We’re currently building a small holiday home . Originally, our budget didn’t allow us to by any expensive furniture.

Then a Bulgarian friend told us about how cheap you could get furniture in Bulgaria, which is only one and a half hour’s drive from here, and offered to take me there.

And she was right! I got great furniture for a fraction of the price I’d have to pay here. Buying a lot from the same dealer I was even able to get the stuff transported to my door step for very little money. And of course, this also benefited him.

Unfortunately, many of us are presented chances like this and we don’t grab them. When I made a treasure map of the new guest home with the furniture in place I tended to imagine Universe delivering me more money, so that I could buy the stuff I wanted. Instead Universe presented me with a chance to get the furniture I wanted to a very low price!

Using law of attraction means being open. Using law of attraction means you learn to take action and say YES when opportunities are presented to you.