Vacation in Elba Island, Tuscany

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An Elba island vacation is one vacation the whole family can enjoy.

Itineraries will definitely include activities that will let the family as a whole or as individuals enjoy the many beautiful beaches here. Elba is also home to several medieval villages that offer visitors a glimpse into the island’s contentious history.

One can also visit the museums that feature Napoleon’s memorabilia and artifacts from the Roman times, as well as stones and ores that are found in the island.

The wine connoisseur will not be disappointed here. This is still Tuscany, and Elba has its own wines that are similar to Chianti – the distinctive and famous dry Elba Blanco, the sweet Moscato, or the Elba Rosso, wines preferred by the famous governor of Elba – Napoleon.

Vacation in Elba Island, Tuscany

Shopping here though not like Milan or Florence, offers many opportunities for good buys at its many shops that feature signature goods from Italy’s famous designers.

The food lover will find that the cuisine here centered on the produce of the sea is excellent. Inland, the so-called “medieval” villages offer exotic dishes of woodcock, pheasant, and hare.

For those seeking a vibrant nightlife, Elba’s is as good as anywhere else. This is an island, but a boring nightlife it does not have.

Although two million tourists visit this island every year, there is no shortage of accommodations in Elba. In addition to their superior service, the hotels normally have their own private beaches a walking distance away from your room. As always when on vacation, it is always prudent to reserve accommodations in advance.

Getting here is easier than leaving – because an Elba island vacation is never long enough.