Are The Vegetables Good For You?

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Growing up we all heard the “Vegetables are good for you” bit. We had a garden at the side of the house that us kids raided every chance we got.
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Carrots, beans, cucumber, zucchini. It was all in there plus some.

The produce that I grew up on is certainly not the stuff that goes into the cans that are for sale on shelves today.

Produce is very expensive and is becoming more and more chemically altered. (It has to fight off all those new bugs that are also being genetically altered.)

Are The Vegetables Good For You?

Now this does not mean that the farmers are doing this themselves.

What is actually happening is the chemicals that are being used to yield off these nasty bugs is going into the ground and water that these plants feed off of. Onions

Asparagus is just one shining example of a vegetable that is under rated yet high in folic. Although soon-to-be-mums should be eating more folic acid there are reasons why Asparagus should be avoided.

Did you know that Red Cabbage is just as nutritious to eat raw as in a coleslaw or cooked?

Or Spinach. A wonderful addition to really any meal it is great for getting in folate or for helping to deal with stress Spinach is the route to take!

Corn is a great extra carb for dinners as well. But to make a complete protein what else does it need?

One of my favorites that we used to LOVE to dig up in the garden as kids was potatoes.

Onions are a fantastic addition to any meal! Great and taste and texture, anyone can eat them!

Red CabbageRadishes are best thought of on a salad but did you know why you should be avoiding it? Radishes taste great and offer a taste like no other, but should be avoided if on a blood thinning medication.

Tomatoes are not actually a vegetable at all. They are and have always been classified as a fruit.

Food for thought : Organic is more expensive. That is because they do not use chemical agents.

But they are by far the best foods. If you ever try a “regular” banana and then eat an organic banana you can actually taste the difference.

If you could actually seal in the goodness and freshness that most produce companies claim, it is actually found in organic plants.