Venus Flytraps – One OF Those Plants You Can’t Believe They Exist

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The Venus Flytrap is one of those really neat plants you can’t belief exist. They are really fun to watch and very easy to acquire at many lawn and garden centers. Their name does it justice because in fact they do… CATCH & EAT FLIES.

How do they Catch & Eat Insects?

Some of their prey includes: Flies; Spiders; Crickets; Caterpillars; Slugs; & Others. While other plants get a lot of needed nutrients from the sun and the soils around them, Venus Flytraps have a regional challenge. In the bogs they favor the soil is very acidic so minerals and nutrients are absent or scarce. The Venus Flytrap has overcome this by developing the ability capture its nutrients through eating insects.

Region of Origin:

Even though they are available around the world the Venus Flytrap actually has its origins in a very small area of in the Southern United States. It was only found in a 700 mile region along the coast of South Carolina & North Carolina. That region of existing populations today is actually much less now.

Venus Flytraps   One OF Those Plants You Cant Believe They Exist

Venus Flytrap Name Origin: Of course the Flytrap part of its name is easy enough to figure out because they routinely catch flies and other insects to eat. The Venus part goes back to the time period when botanist were studying it. This plant was first studied in the 17th & 18th centuries during the Victorian age, and botanist apparently decided there was a parallel between the trap of the plant and female anatomy. Venus is the ancient goddess of love and money.

You can grow Venus Flytraps at home:

Like any plant species, if you mimic its natural environment you’ll have greater success in growing it. The Venus Flytrap needs these conditions to do well:

Humid Conditions: To mimic the humid conditions of the Carolinas you’ll need some type of terrarium that can retain moisture and yet let in plenty of sunlight.

* Wet conditions: Make sure the soil in your terrarium stays moist but not water logged.

Venus Flytraps   One OF Those Plants You Cant Believe They Exist

* Acidic Conditions: Plant your Venus Flytrap in a mixture of peat moss and sand to mimic the nutrient content of a Carolina Bog. Do not add extra nutrients because this plant has evolved to do well in nutrient poor soils.

* Insert the Insects: Put 2-3 small insects at a time in the terrarium. They do not eat a lot so doing this 1-2 times per month is fine.

Venus Flytraps   One OF Those Plants You Cant Believe They Exist

Have Fun….. Everyone will enjoy watching this wonder of nature do its thing.