Verbal Suggestions in Self-Hypnosis

What Are They

You probably already know what verbal suggestions are. They are the words that people speak to you, from which you understand your personality.

A child who is told he is bright, courageous, strong and talented will most likely become those things. And the child who is told he is stupid, lazy, weak and boring will most likely become those things.

Babies come into the world with no concept of who they. They are an open book. And since they don’t have the experience or information to reject verbal suggestions (or non-verbal), they simply accept whatever they are told.

Suggestions become beliefs.

The scene

Continuing with the illustration of the character being thrown into the middle of a movie, (begun on Problem Solving) what clues would he get from the words that people say to him?

Well, there are:

  • The Obvious Ones
    • If someone calls him doctor, that is a huge clue to his role.
    • If someone calls him sweetheart, he knows that he holds a special place in that person’s heart.
    • If someone calls him stupid, that also is a huge clue to the role he is to play. (Remember that clues do not describe the actor. They only describe the role that OTHERS want him to play.)

Verbal Suggestions in Self Hypnosis

Then there are:

    • The Not-So-Obvious Ones.
      • People speak to him in calm, even tones with no emotion at all. No matter what he says or does the response is always “That’s nice, dear.”
      • Those around him are always screaming and reacting. No matter what he does, the response is always an uproar.
      • Someone tells him that he is loved, but then ridicules him by calling him names.

It’s pretty hard to figure out anything from these scenarios.

Your Task (You Must Accept It)

Now realize that this is what we all go through in our formative years. We have the task of trying to figure out a language, how our bodies work, the laws of nature andwhat our role is. That’s a lot for a child to accomplish.

How do I Change It?

If you received negative verbal suggestions as a child and as a result you still believe that you are ____ (You fill in the blank.), there is hope for you.

The state of hypnosis is accessing the sub-conscious mind where suggestions become beliefs. You can change the negative suggestions and replace them with positive ones that truly reflect the wonderful person you were created to be.

Everyone has talents. Everyone has abilities. You believed the erroneous suggestions given to you by people who probably received the same treatment from their parents.

Break the cycle by turning your own beliefs around and then passing positive verbal suggestions to all those around you. Imagine the difference you can make to your family, friends and community!

A Little Story

Allow me to tell you the story of a mother who came up with a unique way to make sure her children thought well of themselves. She chose first names that would garner respect from everyone who met them.The first she named Doctor, another she named General and another she named Professor. These were their legal first names. You, I am sure, can imagine how that unique act influenced all of their lives.