Versace Watch Collection – Precious Timepieces

The Versace watch collection is synonymous of the highest quality standards of the watch industry.

The legendary Versace brand presents their Swiss made watches produced by Vertime S.A., a partnership between the Timex Group and Versace.

Versace Watch Collection.

Like many specialist watch brands, Versace has watches for certain occasions including business, diving and general sports.

Each line features different functions and features but generally, they all employ the same ‘Versace’ characteristics that makes them stand out.

Versace Watch Collection   Precious Timepieces

  • All Versace watches are personalised with the famous Medusa logo on the crown (stem) and the dial with the edition number on the back of the casing.
  • The latest Versace watches are made from the highest quality materials such as sapphire crystal glass to protect the dial and genuine leather wrist straps. There are a considerable amount of models that take on luxurious materials such as extra white colour and high purity diamonds, yellow or white 18 ct. gold and precious/semi-precious coloured stones.
  • The high quality Swiss movement, numerous quality controls and water resistant feature from 3atm to 10atm are all attributed to Versace watches.
  • What really sets these valuable timepieces apart is their designs which relates to the whole essence of the Versace brand. They are distinguised by their geometric patterns such as the Greek key motif, smoothly refined surface and sharp outlines.
  • In accordance to every aspect of the mens Versace watches, they are very high priced. The lower end of the Versace collection start off at around £500 with the higher end of line finishing at around the thousands.

Versace, perhaps the most well known fashion brand has created a superior collection of watches that certainly steers away from the ‘average’ person.Although their watches are indeed the highest quality and extremely well designed, you have to be really keen on your fashion and also have a big enough wallet to back up your decision.