Very tall triangle shaped window treatments

by Ron
(near Columbus, Ohio)

Very tall triangle shaped window treatments

Hi Lee,

I have triangle shaped windows that are about 9 feet from the floor. The bottom is 35.25 inches, the upright is 26.25 inches and the angle is 44 inches.

I want a curtain that I can operate without having to get a ladder. Currently, I wedge a piece of cardboard into the opening as needed. Very tall triangle shaped window treatments I NEED to upgrade!

My first thought was to attach the fabric to a stick at the bottom and a small rope to the top corner of the fabric and be able to pull it up like a sail on a boat.

The rope could go over a hook up high, maybe on a little pulley and come down to another hook next to the lower window. Another idea was to mount it in the slope and then lower it with the rope and pulley system.

Blocking the sunlight in the summer and to keep it off the TV and visitors is the reasoning to do it.


Hi Ron

Cardboard sounds just fine to me Very tall triangle shaped window treatments perfect window treatment. Especially when it comes to cost. As to the sail option I think you are thinking to hard about the solution to this problem. As in all things in life simple is best.

Putting my serious head on now I would forget the top windows are triangular in shape.

I would fit a cord operated traverse curtain rod over both windows. Then I would hang a single curtain on each window .

There seems to be just enough space on the width to fit a curtain rod of this kind so the curtain covers both the top and bottom windows completely.

This solves the problem of covering top and bottom windows at the same time. The only problem is if you want to keep light coming in the bottom window but block the sun from the top window.

What I would do is to close the curtain over both windows. Then tie the curtain back into a tie back. This would pull it off the bottom window. I have done a quick sketch of how it would look below.

Very tall triangle shaped window treatments

I hope this in practice will work for you. It all comes down the getting the traverse curtain rod in the right place so the curtain hangs right. I’ll leave you with it now and wish you good luck.

Best regards