Victoria Regina Spivey Bio

Singer, songwriter (1906-1976)

Victoria Regina Spivey learned to play the piano as a child. She sang with her father’s band in Texas and performed in local clubs while still in her teens.

She moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1926. She recorded for Okeh Records and wrote songs for the St. Louis Music Company. In 1929 she appeared in the movie Hallelujah! During the Depression, Spivey was able to find work with touring companies and the Minsky burlesque circuit. She performed and toured with the Broadway show Hellzapoppin’ from 1938-1939. She also appeared in shows with her sisters, Addie and Leona, who were also blues singers.

Victoria Regina Spivey worked steadily until the 1950s when she quit the business. With the revival of blues music in the 1960s, Victoria Regina Spivey returned. In 1961 she formed her own record company, Queen Vee Records. She changed the name to Spivey Records in 1962.

Victoria Regina Spivey Bio

She produced and recorded music of both well-known artists and up-and-coming artists. She continued to record her own music for the Bluesway and Folkways labels. Spivey was a performer on college campuses, in clubs and at festivals during the 1960s and 1970s.

Victoria Regina Spivey was the first African American woman to form her own record company.