Video games for Parties Game Boy games

When space a problem and players are few, Game Boy games are the games for you! The size of this hand held gaming unit makes it ideal for small groups of children and limited space.

The Game Boy is small

This limits its ability to be used effectively to keep groups of children amused.If it is the only gaming device available though, it can still be used although playing it can be hard if everyone is trying to look over the players shoulder!

Video games for Parties Game Boy games

Timed team playing

Split the players into teams and give player a chance at the Game Boy game.Each player is given the same amount of time to play the game until the whole team has played. Once a team has completed, the score is noted and the game is restarted so the next team can use their combined efforts to try to get a better score. When all teams have played, the team with the highest score is the winner.This mode of playing is good for games that take a long time to complete.

Individual Play

This mode of playing is ideal for games that are quicker to complete. Game Boy has games that fit this category like their racing games. Each person gets a chance to play the game from start to completion. Each player’s score is recorded and the highest score is the winner.