Video Games transformation sets new Record in 2007

Video Games generated $17.9 Billion dollars in 2007, up from $12.5 Billion in 2006 according to the NPD Group. A testament to why it is crucial to carry games in your video rental store.

The gaming industry is gaining unprecedented popularity as technology advances. With the introduction of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, more adults are becoming hooked on gaming. The online gaming experience has also added to the growing epidemic resulting in sales of 4.62 million units in 2007.

Sony’s Playstation 3 has also been a major player in the gaming industry. Its versatility has attracted many gamers. Playstation 3 allows you to play games, listen to music and watch your favorite dvd movies. Again, technology is only getting better and Sony’s system lets you experience awesome high definition. In 2007, 2.56 million units were sold.

Video Games transformation sets new Record in 2007

You can’t rule out Nintendo. With their new Wii console, the entire family can participate in a more interactive fashion, differentiating themselves from the traditional push button controller type activity. It has become such a hit that 6.29 million units were sold in 2007.

Any dibs on what home entertainment games will hold in store for us in 2008? If you’re thinking it will probably outperform 2007, you have a good chance of being correct. Anyone up for some “Guitar Hero”?