Video Rental Investment vs. Hummer

Hummers appear to be worthwhile to many career oriented individuals. A simple analysis will reveal that a Video Rental investment is a wiser choice. Have you been to a Cadillac Dealership lately? Impressive isn’t it. Let’s take a look at a typical scenario of what it may entail to find yourself in the seat of one of those all leather interior boxes of luxury. A KBB search will reveal a sticker price of slightly over $50,000.00. Whatever the case, 60 months may be a reasonable term to pay for such luxury. Couple that with the exorbitant amount of gas spent over five years and you will end up with a depreciated vehicle with not much to show in way of a savings let alone a return on investment. Yet people are willing to treat themselves at almost any cost without hesitation.

Now let’s take a look at a Hum-dinger of an investment. Suppose you were offered the opportunity to purchase a business in a multi-billion dollar industry for the same $50,000.00. The first thought might be, “What’s the catch”? The catch is that the same $50,000.00 may take up to 60 months before creating a strong identity in your community. Additionally, you will have gained a wealth of business experience that could not be learned in any classroom environment.

If the leather seats of business ownership are not becoming visible at this point, perhaps the following will jump-start your entrepreneurial engine. Have you ever considered being your own boss, calling the shots, and setting your own work hours? Obviously the decisions you’ve made thus far positioned you to consider buying a Hummer in the first place. Good for you! I’m confident that same positive attitude and ambitious drive will secure a profitable venture for you in the home entertainment industry. With solid management skills and sound business judgment you should be well on your way to achieving a return on your investment within five short years. Imagine that, an investment that is not a gas guzzler.

Video Rental Investment vs. Hummer

It’s only fair to mention that all the gas money that was required in order to drive that luxury box for five years can actually be used more productively to help your business grow. Everyone knows growth is a good thing for business. By George, I believe the scales are starting to tip in favor of your own video rental store.

It should also be abundantly clear that the road to success is not driving a Hummer but rather being in the driver’s seat of a vehicle without wheels. Sure, you can’t deny it feels good (during the first couple of months) to pull into your driveway in a $50,000.00 vehicle and hear a few oohs and aahs from your neighbors but it is much sweeter to hear all the hype from scores of satisfied members about how awesome your store is for many years to come.