Villa Caribbean…Your Home Away From Home Vacation

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On this page you can find out all you need to know about the villa Caribbean rental process. You can have a lot of privacy together unlike being in a hotel or resort. People can bond and spend quality time together.

You can prearrange the atmosphere, services and facilities to share that perfect time together.

Or just imagine a villa Caribbean rental for a family vacation.

However some very expensive villas in the Caribbean do not allow children as guests. These usually will have neither the facilities nor the ambience for children enjoyment.

Some favorite islands I know of for a villa vacation are Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia and the United States Virgin Islands.

The maximum occupancy of a vacation villa rental is usually two people per bedroom. Some villas may allow additional guests by supplying extra beds and facilitating especially for children.

Consultation with the rental personnel can clarify all this for you.

Most villas require a minimum stay requirement which is longer than traditional hotels.

Some clients request a visit to the intended luxury villa. This is possible mostly with the more expensive and exclusive villas.

Villa Caribbean...Your Home Away From Home Vacation

So what are some of the major factors you need to consider?

Villa Caribbean — Rental Pricing

Rental companies usually quote villa rental prices on a per night basis at full occupancy level. This means that the quoted price is how much your combined travel party will have to pay per night for a Caribbean luxury villa.

Villa Caribbean — Minimum Stay Requirement

During high season you can rent a villa for a minimum of seven nights. And in low season this changes to five nights. Exceeding the minimum stay requirements usually is not a problem and subject to negotiation.

High season for Caribbean tourism ranges from middle of December to late April. The rest of the year is generally low season. There’s a greater demand for villa rentals in the winter. The cost of vacation travel is therefore higher during high season.

SPECIAL NOTE: During the Christmas period, minimum stay requirements extend to ten to fourteen nights. Rental options and costs will vary during this time. So you need to inquire of the specific details.

Villa Caribbean — An Advanced Booking

Make your advanced booking at least twelve months and conclude the necessary paperwork within six to eight months prior to your intended travel date to the Caribbean. This is mandatory especially during high season.

However at times, you may obtain a villa for rental at a shorter notice.

Villa Caribbean — Other Expenses

1) Taxes
You can expect to pay an additional seven to ten percent tax to the rental cost of a villa. This percentage tax will vary from island to island.

2) Refundable Deposit
A telephone deposit is mandatory and refundable according to the bill. A deposit is also necessary for damage and security. This too is refundable once there’s no damage to the villa.

3) Meals and Chef Services
Some villa rentals will include a chef. You determine the cost of your food bill. You can arrange to have meals prepared and delivered to the villa prior to your arrival. Also, you can discuss with the chef your meal requirements.

4) Tipping for staff Services
A suggested tip is approximately ten percent of the villa rental price. Yet this is always at your discretion.

SPECIAL NOTE: Also include in your arrangements with the villa rental company cab service from the airport to the villa.

Villa Caribbean — Payment Terms

You are required to pay a deposit of approximately fifty percent of the rental cost. From the date of confirmation you must pay the outstanding balance within forty five to ninety days prior to the starting date of your residence at the villa.

Depending on the timing of your negotiating a villa rental, you will have to pay the full rental fee. A telegraphic transfer of funds or certified cheque are acceptable means of payment.

Villa Caribbean — Cancellations

The standard procedure of cancellation is via a written notification. Cancellation policies will differ from island to island and villa owner or rental company. I suggest with your initial contact with the villa rental company, you investigate thoroughly the details of cancellation. This can determine whether you receive full, partial or no refund of your deposit or full payment. Villa Caribbean — Staffing

Some of the larger villa properties will include additional staff of security, butler and gardener. But generally most villa rentals will provide you with a chef, housekeeper and laundress. You can also pre-arrange any complement of staff services you may require on a daily or weekly basis.

So, what’s next?

You and your party to air travel to the Caribbean and…

E-NJ-O-Y… Your villa Caribbean