Visit Little India in Singapore for Ethnic Experience

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I went to Little India in Singapore for many…many times for shallow reason. Ehm…”shallow reason” was said by those who thought that they are cultured and yet never been to this exotic Indian’s enclave – what a shame.

Why did they call me shallow if I only like to shop and eat here? I know there are beautiful temples, garlands, artistic henna hand-paintings, Indian spices sellers, etc. But, how many times you want to see, buy, or experience that? Once is enough, isn’t it?

I like Little India – that’s why I keep coming back to this place. Again, it is for shopping, eating, and soaks into its unique atmosphere.

Visit Little India in Singapore for Ethnic Experience

Some people said the place is rowdy, pungent, and old. Hey, don’t you feel bored living in the city that seems everything is in order, cold, and no personal touch? Being there will make me feel like being out of the city where I live in now. It’s different and refreshing.

If you go there, you’ll definitely experience the little piece of Singapore offering ethnic experience beside of Kampong Glam for Arabic-Malay’s culture and Chinatown.