Visit Switzerland – Engelberg is Summer Hiking Fun

Central Switzerland is an area designed for hiking and Engelberg, about an hour’s drive South of Luzern, is one of the best places from which to begin.

With more than 200 miles (360 kilometers) of hiking paths this is a great place to stretch the kinks out, breath fresh alpine air, enjoy the fragrant perfume of summer’s wildflowers, and tune up your body’s circulation. What a fun way to enjoy the mountains, spend time with your family, introduce the kids to traveling and new places, and see more of the Alps stunning beauty.

In the valley you’ll find easy strolls through meadows and forests. Follow the path to the seven springs where water bubbles freely from the ground or walk along the banks of the Aa river in the direction of the waterfall or Lake Eugenie.

Visit Switzerland   Engelberg is Summer Hiking Fun

If something a little more challenging appeals to you then the medium Brunnipfad trail may just what you want.

For more strenuous hiking try the Brunni trail as it leads the way through a mountain homeland. The Rugghubel hut is just as much fun discovering as the more difficult Walen trail, the tickle path or the Kneipp trail.