Visit the Great North Woods Region of New Hampshire

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The Great North Woods Region of NH is an outdoor lover’s paradise. It’s one of the most peaceful and serene areas in New England. Bordered by Maine, Vermont and Canada, this region hosts a variety of cultures and all live a lifestyle centered around the outdoors. During any visit, you will meet the warmest, most friendly people with every encounter. In fact, it’s very normal to receive a kind wave from a local in passing. These things make the area my absolute favorite place in New Hampshire.

The Great North Woods is characterized by two key elements: woods and water. There are three if you want to count moose, since there are more of these animals than there are people.

Most are familiar with the major water bodies in the Great North Woods. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd + 4th Connecticut Lakes, Lake Francis, and Back Lake are located in Pittsburg. Indian Stream and Perry Stream, in Pittsburg, are also very popular. The mighty Connecticut River also originates in Pittsburg and acts as a natural border between NH and VT from West Stewartstown all the way to Mass. Other popular water bodies in the North Woods are Umbagog Lake, which spans into Maine, and the Androscoggin River which flows out of it.

NH’s “North Country” encompasses an area of about 665,000 acres north of route 110 between Groveton and Milan. Currently, about 288,000 acres of the land is protected from developement. In 2001, more than $20 million in state and federal funding and several million in private funds were raised to buy 171,000 acres in just Pittsburg alone. This ensures that the land will remain undeveloped forever.

Visit the Great North Woods Region of New Hampshire

Only 14 towns and almost as many townships are encompassed in the Great North Woods. With a population of about 9,00 people in the whole region, there are less than 9 residents per square mile! As you may have realized from this statement, the area is mainly used for recreational purposes.

Visit the Great North Woods Region of New Hampshire

Typically, Memorial Day kicks off the beginning of tourist season and it goes strong through Labor Day. During these months, the Great North Woods Region has so much to offer the outdoor enthusiasts. The lush forests and miles of water are favored by fisherman, hikers and site see-ers.

When the snow falls, and the lakes freeze over, the terrain provides for exceptional snowmobiling and skiing. Ice fishing is also a popular sport during the cold winter months.