Waiter Resume & Hiring

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Writing a great waiter resume is not the only important aspect of getting a job in a restaurant. You must also covey the right personality an employer is looking for in your interview. Most employers will first take a glance at your resume to see if something catches their eye to decide weather or not to give you the interview.

Only as they begin the interview process will they seriously read the mastery of your skills that you have captured on paper. Interviewers will ask you questions based on what they read, and they’ll throw in some “off the wall questions” to test you for congruence.

So what are kinds of personalities are restaurant employers looking for?

Tip#1 Confident: Speak your answers with confidence and project the tone of your voice to a clear, audible level. Always make eye contact when speaking, shaking hands, and especially when listening. If you can’t be confident with the boss how will you be confident with the guests?

Tip#2 Friendly: Even if you are “Oscar the Grouch” in your personal time. Remember to smile (see tips tab), say “please” and “thank you” for everything, and address everyone with title. Example- “Thank you Mr Johnson” or “It would be my pleasure Ms. Normane.

Waiter Resume & Hiring

Tip#3 Extroverted: Be an “outgoing” person by asking questions back. Most people wait for an interviewer to ask a question like they’re lined up in a firing squad, silent until they answer. Probe them with a few questions too. “Wow, is your restaurant always this busy/slow/on fire?” or my favorite, “What areas do you think you can improve in as a restaurant?

Tip#4 Prepared: Like a scout. Go over-dressed in professional attire weather or not the environment calls for it. !!Always take your own pen!! In fact take two while your at it, and trump anyone else who is applying unprepared by lending them a pen. Then turn your head to the interviewer handing out the applications and roll your eyes. You will instantly connect with them by expressing their sentiments of not wanting to hire this under prepared unqualified individual.

These traits can help restaurant employers decide if you are capable of passing the challenging training process and doing the job. If you want more information on these subjects browse these links ahead and let Waiter Resume.com help you get a better grasp of it all.