Waiter Uniform & Waitress Uniform

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Employers will all have a unique look to tailored to their particular concepts. However, their are some basic fundamentals to all uniforms that I will cover for you here.

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Uniform Tops: Restaurant uniform tops vary from baseball jerseys to classy button downs with a tie. On this page I’ll go through the many different styles and the right way to wear them.

Waiter Uniform & Waitress Uniform

Uniform Pants: With pants you have a little less freedom when it comes down to the styles you can choose. However, I will go through the styles as well as some brands and fabrics I recommend for functionality and comfort.

Restaurant Aprons: Aprons come in many different styles, cuts, and lengths. I’ll go over them one by one in detail for you.

Restaurant Shoes: Probably the single most important part of the uniform. Having a great pair of non-slip, comfortable shoes is vital to breezing through those hours standing and walking in a restaurant. Treat your feet well, they help you make your money.:)