Want to Draw a Dragon? Or Maybe a Fairy? Or the Pictures in Your Imagination?

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If you want to draw a dragon or any other creature or being you can summon up in your imagination you’re in the right section.

Fantastical creatures and beings have been part of most, if not all, art traditions for centuries – of course, some might say these beings are not all the products of fantasy. Real or imaginary however, angels, fairies, winged beasts, monsters, demons and dragons fly, stalk, prowl and parade through paintings and illustrations, illuminated manuscripts and sculptures. Think of the carvings in medieval churches.

No wonder so many of us are fascinated by these beings – and want to draw them ourselves. Whether you believe they are real or the products of fantasy they provide an opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

Getting started

I’m including step by step guides to get you started straight away. Following the lessons – learning to draw a dragon, or how to draw a fairy, unicorn or choose from two designs of angel wings (you could draw them both): The linear design or the feathery ones for example – will teach you the basic stages in drawing from the imagination. This is something many artists struggle with, simply because they don’t know how.

The basic lessons  will help you if you are a complete beginner. For those of you who are more experienced the step-by-step guides will tell you everything you need to know: just jump straight in and draw a dragon, or angel wings – whatever calls to your imagination – right away.

Want to Draw a Dragon? Or Maybe a Fairy? Or the Pictures in Your Imagination?

Developing Your Own Designs

The step-by-step guides are just a beginning: it’s one thing to follow my designs and lessons, quite another and much more exciting, to develop your own designs. This might seem daunting: how do you start? Well, it’s a little easier than you might think – once you know how. If you can successfully follow the guides and learn to draw a dragon, or learn how to draw a fairy for example, then you can also learn how to develop your own designs. It’s just a matter of learning how, so keep watching for updates.