Was blockbuster movie The Matrix Science Fiction or Prophesy?

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Oh, what mysterious power the martial artist holds when s/he out manoeuvres an opponent as if by reading his thoughts. What great power to reach into the mind of another and discover secret tactics and plans; as they are being hatched!

Throughout the ages highly skilled martial artists have been revered for their ability to “read minds” in order to predict opponents’ behaviour and stay one step ahead. Why are they so good at reading other individuals’ intentions? The arduous training? What about meditation? Does it work the intuitive parts of the brain associated with this phenomenon? If so, what is that part?

Mirror Neurons

The Bridge Between Minds

The recent scientific discovery of Mirror Neurons in our brains may give us incredible insight into how the Shaolin Monks out manoeuvre their attackers by “reading their intent”. The discovery may also clarify many puzzling questions about the evolution of the human mind and brain.

From imitation to empathy, to learning language, and, yes even mind reading Mirror Neurons may now illuminate—from the murky shadows of history—verifiable, scientific answers for understanding the mysteries of the mind.

Mirror Neurons seem to represent an adaptable self-learning mechanism for the coordination of perception and motor actions. They may also explain why Modeling in NLP is so effective for achieving excellence, overcoming addiction, and immediately relieving deep-seated despair.

Was blockbuster movie The Matrix Science Fiction or Prophesy?

What secrets did the ancient Shaolin Monks know about the mind and how to use it? Now, in the 21st century, will it be possible to download information to the Mirror Neurons, like Neo in The Matrix, to become anything we can imagine?

Think about that. What would you do? What fantastic voyage would you choose for your life?

And, perhaps most importantly, they may give us a clue as to why and how cultures develop. Why, for instance, the masses became trapped for over five hundred years by the European Dark Ages, or, more recently how so many people were hypnotised by Hitler.

Conversely, and more excitingly, they may give us the power break out of any circumstance and become visionaries, i.e., creative, forward thinking forces that bring empathy, tolerance, and real solutions for what ails our planet.

Imagine right now being a powerful force of positive change. Have you ever thought of yourself in such terms? Did you just dismiss the fact that you could be a Visionary? Did your mind say, “I’m only one person. What can I do?”

Want to know a secret?


Look back on history to the people that have changed its course. An interesting picture emerges.

The following is list of people that have changed the world; some for better, some for worse. One thing is for certain: The planet would look different today had these people not walked its surface.

Gautama Buddha
Johannes Gutenberg
Napoleon Bonaparte
Vladimir Lenin
Martin Luther King

…The list could go on and on and on. How did they do it? How did they rise past the masses and lead them into “A Vision”?

Moving forward, how can we as individuals be a positive part of history. These and other questions will be explored in future articles…

For now, realize that Your Great Vision is already inside you. It’s been developing from the day you were born. It may not be the same as Jesus’ or Ghandi’s vision, but it’s no less important. Both Jesus and Ghandi advocated the Internal Vision idea, in various ways, themselves…