Was Sultan an Arabian Prince?

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Sultan Sedairy was staying at the Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California. After talking to Sultan, I called my friend and informed her that I made an appointment for Thursday. I asked if she could make it. I would leave my car at the parking structure at work and rent a car. We planned to have breakfast at McDonalds.

The car rental was a block away from McDonalds. She was curious to know if Sultan was a prince. I told her that he denied it. She was sure he was a prince. We would find out when we meet him. Before I hung up, I asked her if she had an idea how a Saudi man would looked. She wasn’t sure. We both giggled.

Monday, I did my experiments. I ran short assays. I called Enterprise car rental and reserved a car for Thursday at 6:00 a.m. providing them the pertinent information needed in preparation for our trip to Disneyland. On Tuesday, using our office machine, I faxed my bio-data that Sultan requested. After sending the first page, the machine malfunctioned. There was a public fax machine across the street.

After work, I walked over to the store and faxed my bio-data, took the street route home instead of the freeway. I turned my radio on and relaxed as I listened to the music. At home, I went through my files looking for copies of my job evaluations, scientific publications that I co-authored, etc. and put them all in a packet.

Was Sultan an Arabian Prince?

On Wednesday morning, my co-worker told me that somebody called from a hotel in Disneyland but didn’t leave a message. I knew that the call was from Sultan. I dialed his number. He tried to warn me that the hotel called my office to inform me that they didn’t received all the materials that I faxed. He was concerned my supervisor would find out about it. I thanked him for the warning.

documented everything I had done since Monday such as: experimental procedures, results of my experiments, etc. in my lab book. I had three collaborative projects beside being in-charged with the expensive and sophisticated instruments in our core facility.

The day went by quickly. I confirmed the rental car. Driving home, I thought of the meeting I was going to have with Sultan. I wondered why he was so persistent in hiring me. He knew nothing about me except what I stated in my bio-data. He said he was thin. How would I recognize him? At home, I fed my pets, watered my plants and played my guitar for an hour. I then called my friend to confirm if she was ready for our trip to Disneyland.