Watch Repair tools- The two most important watch repair tools

Whether you are interested in pursuing a serious career in watch repair career or simply want to tinker with your timepieces, you need watch repair tools. Here are the top two tools you need for that watch repair a starter kit.

Vice. The vice is perhaps the most integral part of watch repair because it allows you to safely open and tightly shut watches back into their water-resistant vacuum. Vices do not come cheap, though, so be sure you are getting all the watch repair tools that should come with it. It should be complete with different kinds of jaws for all kinds of notches and edges. Remember that a vice is only as good as how versatile it is. It should be able to work on watches that have square notches, straight or curved edges, and special brands such as Rolex, which have distinctive cases with holes on them. Expect to spend more than $600 for a good vice.

Watch Repair tools  The two most important watch repair tools

If you do not have the budget for an industrial variety vice, though, there are a lot of water repair tools that work just the same – and they’re a lot cheaper. Try master case openers which are a bit trickier to use, but only costs about $50. Most master openers can pry open all kids of watches. Choose a brand that has rubberized non-slip grip and a complete set of interchangeable heads.

When you buy a master case opener, you also need case closers, preferably with metal body and nylon contacts to lessen the risk of scratching crystals. Expect to pay about $30 to $40 for such a watch repair tool. If you want to save money, then go with watch case-closing pliers. Go for those with jaws that are lined with rubber so it does not scratch or break watch crystals.

Knife. Many watch repair specialists prefer to use Swiss pocket knives for general watch repairs because it has many different blades for use in different applications. Swiss pocket knives – like most watch repair tools – are quite pricey at almost $20, so just go with a regular bench knife (only around $3) if you are on a budget. It almost does not matter what kind of knife you choose, be sure that the steel it uses is anti-magnetic.