Watering Potted Plants

It’s easy to over water a potted plant. More plants die from over watering than by drying out. The reason for this is you are dealing with a small closed system that can retain water (when the soil becomes saturated for a longer period the plants roots will rot).

If the soil is waterlogged then proper amounts of air will not get to the plant and nutrients are blocked.

Pointers on watering plants in flower pots:

Water Test – Pick up your pot and feel the relative weight compared to when it was fully watered. If it’s dry you’ll feel that it’s lighter.

Water Deeply – When you do water, do it deeply rather than lightly everyday. This of course depends on the flower or plant because cactus for example will die if you water them too much.

Watering Potted Plants

Water Crystals – These can reduce watering frequency needed. If Outdoors – Potted plants placed outside may need daily watering because they have the elements such as sun, wind and heat to help dry out their soil.

Terra Cotta / Clay Pots – Flowers and plants in these types of pots usually need watering more than if in plastic or ceramic pots. This is because Terra Cotta / Clay pots are more porous and will absorb water away from your plantings.

Self Watering Pots – These work by storing water in a small area under the pot. There is also a tube that draws that water slowly into the potting mix as needed. Great for busy gardeners or when you are vacationing.