Wath are gemstones?

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Gemstones are either mineral (found in the earths surface in their natural form), or organic (formed by living organisms as with the oyster). They have been treasured and sort after throughout history, and it has been believed by many cultures that gemstones hold spiritual and healing powers. Even today they are still used by some practitioners.

Gemstones are weighed in carats, and can be cut and polished in such a way as to bring out their natural colour and brilliance for use in jewellery.

The list of gemstones is endless, below are a few of the more commonly known ones.

Wath are gemstones?

Agate Emerald Peridot
Alexandrite Garnet Quartz
Amber Iolite Ruby
Amethyst Jade Sapphire
Aquamarine Jasper Spinel
Beryl Lapis Lazuli Tanzanite
Bloodstone Malachite Tigers Eye
Carnelian Moonstone Topaz
Citrine Onyx Tourmaline
Coral Opal Turquoise
Diamond Pearl Zircon

Gemstones are either precious or semi precious, but there are many synthetic, or manufactured gems on the market. A typical example is Cubic Zirconia, although this is a natural crystal, in the 1970′s scientists in Russia learned how to grow these crystals in a laboratory.

Cubic Zirconia are a popular substitute for diamonds, as they are far less expensive. To the untrained eye it is extremely difficult to tell the difference. They have less brilliance than a diamond, but have more fire and rainbow colours.

Over the ages gemstones became associated with the signs of the zodiac. These also became known as birthstones.

There are also different precious and semi precious gemstones for each wedding anniversary.