We Visited The Nimbus Fish Hatchery

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We recently visited the Nimbus Fish Hatchery with our homeschool group. The fish hatchery raises salmon and steelhead trout and then returns the fish to the American River. The adult fish return to the hatchery every winter where they climb the fish ladder and are harvested for their eggs.

 At the Nimbus Fish Hatchery there are long fish raising ponds. For a nickel you can buy fish food out of a dispenser to feed the fish. Feeding the fish is really neat because the fish jump all over trying to get the food. Sometimes, when you put yor hand over the fish pond, they jump around because they ‘think’ you have food!
 Some of the fish get so excited they jump all the way out of the pond to their little death. Here, Zennin found a little fish on the ground. He was sad for it and thought it was neat all at the same time. Everyone gathered around to look at the little ambitious fish!

We Visited The Nimbus Fish Hatchery
 When we were at the fish hatchery someone showed us how they feed the feed with a motorized cart. the cart mechanically spits food out into the ponds as it drives by. We walked behind the cart as it fed the fish.
After we were done feeding the fish we walked along the nature trail that is by the bank of the American River. We saw lots of fish spawning in the river and lots of seasonal birds too.

We also saw the weir that was put in place to keep the fish from swimming upstream past the hatchery.
There were a lot of other children at The Nimbus Fish Hatchery when we were there. Interestingly, we saw a group of children pile out of a school bus from the local school district. The public school children went on a short tour and then piled back in their bus to return to school. It was then that we really felt fortunate to be homeschoolers. We spent almost two hours exploring the fish hatchery, visitor’s center, nature trail, fish ladder and hatching room. After we were done, and because it was a cold day, we went and had hot chocolate. What a great field trip.